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December 9, 2009
Subject: Gospel Chariot Missions Report. Lets pray and try build 2 more Chariots for the north of Africa...Amen

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Hope this finds you doing well. Attached is a copy of our 2010 year planner as well as a photo of Ria and I. This can be used for your bulletin board at Church. Also just a short note to say BIG THANK YOU to all for working with us through 2009. We did not reach 1000 souls this year, but got really close. However, I do believe we are doing a better job on teaching others to teach others. Chariots, offices and schools will close this Friday until January the 11th. Its been a good year. So much has happened.

  1. The Chariots baptized hundreds as they preached the word in the different countries in the southern part of Africa.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of Bible lessons were distributed as well as some Bibles.
  3. New congregations were planted in 6 different areas.
  4. The Vhemba Bible School building was completed and 15 students attended the first semester.
  5. Follow up on WBS students and teaching at our short term schools.
  6. Many doors have opened from Cape to Tanzania. So many, that only through the power of God and networking through His children, could we ever reach them.

To everyone reading this, please have a special prayer for us and thank God for being with us since 1994 when this work started. 16 years of setting goals and just trying different things to reach out. God has been so GOOD. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


Brethren, I said that to say this: I feel we need to set some new goals and try build another 2 Gospel Chariots for the northern part of Africa. Meaning us reaching the whole of Africa as a ministry. This can be done, However, there are some things one needs to do first. Remember, team work is dream work. One needs to travel into counties up north and network and find brethren capable of working with us. I believe this time around we will be a lot smarter in our research and survey. Gospel Chariots work very well when you work closely with existing Churches of Christ in the different countries.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SOULS WE COULD REACH FOR THE LORD.....even after we are dead and gone.

A new survey shows that Africa has 1 Billion people now and that it is growing by 24 million people a year. They also estimate that it will double to 2 Billion people by 2050. This survey combined with the receptivity of Africa makes it a no brainer. We have to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Jesus says the fields are white unto harvest. The Bible also says the Love of Christ compels us. We have to do something about it. What makes it more urgent, is the advancement of the muslim faith, especially in the north of Africa. It also gets me excited, because I love seeing God work through setting evangelistic goals.
PLEASE pray for this as I visit with our Gospel Chariot board and eldership in the coming year. There is a lot of work to first be done, but it would be wonderful to put this goal down on paper. You know what they say: 95% of people don't set and write goals down and of the 5% that do, 95% of them accomplish their goals. We have to put it on paper and believe we can do it. See it in our mindseye, before it becomes a reality.


Lord willing, as from the fall of 2010 I will be visiting the US every fall to promote the work and new goals. Our first goal will be to visit each and every one of you who have worked with us for so long. We could never do what we are doing, if it were not for you. I will let every one know what date you can expect me in the fall of 2010. If you have a special date for your missions Sunday in 2010, please get it to us as soon as possible.


As you know Quinton and Vicki now live in Australia. Wayne and Nicole also got their Australian residency and our daughter Chantal has also moved to Australia. She will further her studies there. Hilton, our youngest, will graduate from ACU this week. God has blessed us with a wonderful family. We have 3 grand children and the 4th is due soon. Wayne and Nicole expect their 2nd baby mid January.

With my family now living in Australia, Ria and I will travel to the US via Australia every year to see them as well as do some mission work. We have already started promoting World Bible School as well as Nations University. We also have a congregation that is looking into campaigning with us in Africa. This is unique. A mission field congregation doing mission work in Africa.

Ria and I are sad that our children are all leaving South Africa, but also understand that it is a country riddled with violent crime. That is why I am very careful when going into the townships. So with us traveling from South Africa via Australia every year to the US, we will get to see our loved ones.


Brethren, we have lost some support due to the slowdown in the economy and PLEAD with you to please consider helping us with a one time contribution come year end. If there is anyone who could help, we would really appreciate it. Times are hard and it filters through to the mission field. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

Funds can be sent to the following address.
Gospel Chariot Missions, P.O.Box 51, Benton, Ar, 72018

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Your missionary.

George Funk

June 30, 2008
Hi Everyone.

Hope this finds you doing well. June has been a wonderful month. God has blessed us with so much happening. There have been over 350 baptisms.

Please read and see some photos on our blog at

Chariot 1 is in Venda and Chariot 2 in Malawi. I have just returned from Malawi. The offices are doing good. A new semester has started at the schools. The WBS lessons are coming in fast a furiously. We are running on all cylinders. June and July are our busy months as both Chariots are in very receptive areas. Members from our sponsoring congregation have just returned from Windhoek, Namibia. Thank you Richard, Shirley, Mike, Jimmy and the boys. The Fredericksburg congregation will also be heading to Namibia in a months time. They work with us in Rundu. Brethren, there is just so much happening. God is working in so many areas. Click on our website and see what GOD is doing through you.

Read all about it

Your Missionary.

George Funk

July 30, 2008 Email
From: George
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 4:17 AM

Hi Everyone.

Hope you enjoying the summer. It has been cold this side, but starting to see some blossoms coming out. On the work front. You don't get any better. GCM is firing on all cylinders. Remember some time back I said June and July will be good months because the Chariots will be in the most receptive areas both at the same time. For the month of June and July there have been 509 souls converted. 419 in Malawi and 90 in Venda. There have been other souls converted at the different offices and ministries as well. God is working. I stand amazed and cannot believe how every year gets better and better.

We have had some problems. We ran out of gas funds in Zambia. Our Chariot in Malawi had a couple knocks. We understand there will always be problems, but we got to look to the positive and remember. We cannot put a price tag on the soul of a human being. It cost heaven the blood of Gods only Son. I leave today for Rundu Namibia. The Fredericksburg Church of Christ will be campaigning with me there. Please pray for our safe travels.



In Him.

George Funk