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clip image002THE TOOWOOMBA
Feb.28th – 14th March, 2010.

Information sheet # 1.

“The church of Christ”in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, invite you to reach out with them, to 95,000+ lost souls. Can you come and help them take the gospel of Christ to the city set on the edge of the Great Dividing Range. (Acts 16:9)???
“Come over and help us !

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The Toowoomba region boasts a population of over 95,000+ souls. The city, established in Drayton in 1840, is set on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, some 130 kilometres west of Brisbane, the State of Queensland’s capitol. The church of Christ has been meeting in this community on a regular basis since the 1960’s. This beginning congregation of several widows was reminiscent of Jesus parable of the mustard seed (Matt.13:31-32). They were later joined by a family working in the Oil exploration area. In the late 60’s two missionary families joined the work from the U.S. They begun using a shop front at 580 Ruthven St., to worship in and work from. In 1974, after the involvement of two other American missionary families, Ian and Dianne Coker joined the work (having recently graduated from an Australian preacher training school). By 1976 this work became solely indigenous. In 1977 the congregation begun the construction of its meeting place on Gipps St.,. The building was added to in 1993 with a larger ground floor auditorium. Because of continued outreach through Holiday Bible Schools, door knocking outreach, one campaign for Christ, and friendship evangelism, it has grown to its present size of around 90 souls. It has also been active in sending the gospel into parts of Africa, India and the Philippines. It has sent several young men to train at the Tasmania School of Preaching. And over many years, it has supported its local preacher, to assist in numerous efforts around Australasia. Now, they are in the process of selecting a replacement worker for the Coker family, who are now labouring for the Lord in Townsville.

Their passion for seeking and finding souls continues, but they know they need help in the task of reaching their growing city. They see this Australian campaign for Christ as the best current means available to do this.

Past campaigns have revealed that a Campaigner hast to speak to 45-89 people to set one Bible Study. And it takes around 11 original Bible Study appointments to see one soul baptised into Christ. So they are excited by the prospect of seeing growth happen through this Australian campaign for Christ. They know that if they ‘go’ souls will ‘come’ to the Lord. So they are excited to be hosting this effort.

This is to be the 21st Campaign for Christ Rod Kyle has organised for the Lords work ‘down-under’. These efforts have steadily built a reputation for effective organisation, productive soul winning instruction and methodology, and loving, but uncompromising outreach through door to door visitation. The resources for each campaign have been assembled through the faith of soul conscious congregations and individuals throughout Australasia and North America. The composition of the campaign teams has been international, and from all ages.
The hosting congregations have to demonstrate a clear commitment to the sound doctrine of Christ (II Tim.1:13) and a unified approach to the task of reaching their community with the gospel (John 17:21). The campaign effort is required to be the major focus of their work for that part of the year. They have to make a definite commitment in welcoming, hosting and catering for the campaigners. After the two weeks of visitation, they must be able to adequately follow-up on all the new Christians, continuing studies and contacts needing further visitation. They also have to volunteer a Campaign Co-ordinator for the effort and a Follow-up Director to handle this crucial stage of the campaign.

This Australian campaign for Christ, hosted by the Gipps st., church of Christ, will continue this tradition.

The dates for this campaign are set near the beginning of the first school term. It is hoped that the timing of this campaign will mean the workers receive a positive reception , and fine, warm weather.

The local brethren are able to accommodate workers. There will be no cost to campaigners for their accommodation. However, if you wish to stay in a Motel, one can be reserved for you.

The local brethren will be doing the catering. Workers will need to purchase their own lunches while out working, and to cater for themselves on their “day off”. Menu preferences need to be politely shared with the local Campaign Co-ordinator. In Toowoomba’s case, this happens to be Michael Widderick until the new supported worker arrives.

Campaign vehicles will be provided for all the campaigners and the fuel costs covered through campaign funds assembled by the local brethren in conjunction with the New Plymouth church of Christ who oversee the work of A.U. campaigns for Christ. If you can bring a vehicle for this effort, this would be most appreciated. The aim is for you not have to cover any fuel costs during the campaign and you will be given a tank top-up on your return home. See Rod about this matter.

Campaign vehicles can not be counted on for days off. Studies set on these days, will get prior use of suitable vehicles. Fuel costs on days off, we will need to be negotiated with the Campaign Director.

The following benefits have already been derived from the 20 past Campaigns for Christ:

1. Over 110 souls have been won as a result of past campaigns.
2. Souls have been taught and won by Personal Workers in their pre-campaign training.
3. Workers are thoroughly trained in the methodology of Jesus. Skills which they take home to use in their local
work. This also results in significant personal development in the life of the participating Christian.
4. Hosting congregations have been matured as well as numerically blessed through the campaign experience.
5. Participants return home having more closely experienced the “Jerusalem experience” (Acts 2:42) than in
any other spiritual activity within the kingdom of Christ. It is truly a life changing activity and is especially
good in developing humility and dependence upon God (Mark 10:43-45).
6. Fellowship with committed soul seekers, for two weeks, while serving together on the front line in the battle
with the devil, lifts the meaning of fellowship to new levels.

And more could be said. Participation in a campaign for Christ is better experienced than described. Come and see for yourself.

Call, write, or E-M us at the following addresses, with your questions. If you are ready to commit now, send in your completed Commitment Form as soon as you can. But be sure to read the Guideline Rules on the reverse. It will be a wonderful spiritual blessing to seek souls with you on this Campaign for Christ. Act today.

Campaign Director: Rod Kyle.(0064-6-753-5681) Campaign Co-ordinator: Michael Widderick.(0061-7-46366453)
Campaign Administration: Rod Kyle 96 Waimea Street., New Plymouth, N.Z. 4310. 0064-6-753-5681 (Home Office)
064-27-4382240(C) <RodandGayeKyle@xtra.co.nz>