Benin Bible Training Center in French East Africa

May-July 2011 Report

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Benin, West Africa
George Akpabli, Missionary

Benin Bible Training Center is now an eighteen acre campus with eight structures that will house and train up to sixty students. The church on the campus of BBTC now has over 100 members and is growing rapidly.
BBTC has graduated 151 preachers and presently has 35 enrolled in the school of preaching.. Benin has planted over 300 churches consisting of more than 7,000 Christians. Numerous other churches have been established in French-speaking countries by BBTC graduates

French African Christian Education Foundation (FACE) is an organization consisting of elected board members from Churches of Christ that will oversee the BBTC school and develop new opportunities to evangelize French West Africa. It is an outgrowth of the work previously under the oversight of the elders at the Benton, Kentucky Church of Christ.

French African Christian Education (F.A.C.E)
P.O. Box 454 – Benton, KY 42025