The New Road Church of Christ has the privilege and responsibility of oversight of some of the work in Cuba. Eight preachers ate being supported. At the present time there are six churches in Havana and five of these are overseen by our elders. In these five congregations there are over 500 members.

 We also support 43 children in the Havana area. It takes about $27.00 a month to provide food, clothing, school supplies and other necessities for each child. All of the children are in Bible classes and worship services.

 The churches in Havana have several outreach programs including feeding elderly Christians( average of 31 daily), providing prescription eyeglasses, a Preacher Training and Bible School, an annual Youth Conference, a Ladies’ Conference and a Lectureship for all Christians.

 The work in Cuba is growing fast. In 1991 there were nine (9) congregations in Cuba. Now there are over 140 with over 5,000 Christians. Hundreds of people are being baptized each year in Cuba.

 For the months of January—July, there have been 43 baptisms in the Havana Churches.