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David Hamrick Report July 2011

David Hamrick Report September 2011

McDonough, Georgia

David Hamrick, Director of Extension Center Studies

World Bible Institute seeks to prepare Kingdom Dreamers to evangelize the world. WBI has a single purpose of reparing God’s people with the Gospel of Christ to reach the whole world evangelizing the world one person at a time.

Now in ninth year, WBI continues its academic excellence developing preachers, youth ministers, evangelists, missionaries, Bible class teachers, elders, and
deacons through actual experience. The local church will be well equipped with graduates from WBI.

David Hamrick indicated that WBI believes that contributing large amounts of money for the purpose of church buildings and preacher support may actually
hinder the progress and future stability of the mission effort. Experience has revealed that the local people take more pride and ownership in a work that they have accomplished on their own. Therefore WBI does not raise money for church buildings nor funds to support preachers after they graduate from school. Instead vocational training is given to teach them a trade with which
they can support themselves.
Restoration Bible College in Volta is now self-sufficient.

The three concepts that form the basis of the mission philosophy of WBI is that all works become self- supporting, self governing and self -propagating.

David W. Hamrick, President
World Bible Institute of Georgia
davidwhamrick@yahoo.com www.worldbibleinstitute.com


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