Gospel Chariot’s Report from George Funk


Hi Everyone……..Please check adobe attachment as well.

Hope this finds you doing well. There has been 35 baptisms in the last 6 weeks. It has been really busy this side, especially here in the Cape for me. The reason being Chariot 2 starts its evangelism right here in the Cape with me. So its been working with Jonas and Harrison, our new full time worker helping me in the Cape. Great doors are opening. We distributed thousands of free Bible lessons in the surrounding towns where there are no congregations. We also took the Chariot to all the groups we are working with. There are 3 new works. One in Knysna, just 45 minutes away – a big township. A 75 year old man and his blind wife, Kendrew and Edith. He was baptized some 40 years ago by a brother named Garner Kentani in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape. He then came to live with one of his sons here in the Cape. I came in contact with him and now we worship in his shack. Its a wonderful start. We also have some Malawian brethren working in the town who come to worship. Then there is another door in the Grags just 30 min the other way. In this town there are a number of Malawians working. So we have helped them start a Sunday worship. Harrison who now works full time with me is from Malawi. The wonderful thing about him is Malawians find Malawians. They are doctrinally sound and wonderful to have in a new congregation.

The best door of all is the one in the town of George some hour and a half away from here. Last year I came in contact with a man by the name of Jackson. He told me he started a congregation and was the preacher. After studying with him I found out they were very similar. I then helped him with some issues and continued to work with him. Gave him a lot of literature and assistance with preaching material. We then baptized his wife Gladys. Today they are a sound Church of Christ. They meet with about 60 members every Sunday in a small house. They are lovely people. His wife, Gladys has a daycare with over 50 little children. I am looking so forward to working with him. They have so much potential. We put the Chariot outside his house and preached to the community and members. 4 were baptized. This is a big township called Tembuletu. With Harrison Nkabelani working full time with me, I now can kick it up a notch knowing that there is a full time worker looking after the new congregations and converts in the area. Jonas with Chariot 2 left yesterday for Namibia where I will join him Monday. There are many towns in the region where we need to plant congregations. We are hoping to get a short term school at our Church building, but need the funds for accommodation for the students. Harrison will head that up. Just imagine as we work the surrounding towns and find those hungry for the Word, we can bring them back to Plett to live with us as we teach them sound doctrine. Then we send them back and bring more. This is a method we use at all our offices. Just that, this is a new area I live in….Enough about my area.


There has been a lot of activities at the different offices. We have had World Bible School seminars in Venda, Durban and Thabanchu. There were 11 souls saved through this. Its where we go into our database and get all students in certain areas to visit with us on a certain Saturday. We usually hire a conference center for the venue or use one of our offices. It really helps us work economically. We have thousands and thousands of WBS students. So what we do is. Instead of traveling out and visiting with one student who wants to be baptized we hire a venue and give hundreds the opportunity to visit with us. So we shoot many birds with one shot. We have so many students. Our mail box has to be emptied every day because of the amount of mail coming in. Vicki, my daughter-in-law, works this ministry then the team do the practical side of things. Anyone with follow up names can e-mail followup@gcm.co.za

There was a Moslem lady baptized at our Durban office seminar as well as a blind lady. The Durban office has seminars every Saturday for students wanting follow up studies.

Short term school is in and 2 of the students were baptized. We have just finished printing our Nations University curriculum into a book form. We have also printed 25000 Bibles. Next month I will show you a photo of the printing and delivery. The Venda office is doing well. Brother Malindi and his daughter head it up. They have had a number of activities. Last month they got brethren from the surrounding congregations to help on a Saturday. They put outreach tables on street corners recruiting students to enroll in Bible studies. They also had a seminar with 60 attending.

Brethren from the Benton Church of Christ campaigned into Windhoek, Namibia helping with teaching of students at the office there. God is working in so many places through this work. Thank you brethren.


Chariot 1 has been working in the Free State. That is the area between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Meetings were held in Bultfontien, Thabanchu, Bloemfontein and is now at the African Lectureships.

Chariot 2 has just finished off with me in the Cape and is heading for Namibia. From there it will be going to Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. I am so grateful for Charlie Worrel who came out and helped check things over on the Chariots. So many things were repaired. We are hoping to do this yearly. We cannot leave this in the hands of dealerships or even co-workers. Thank you Charlie once again. These Chariots have got some work to do and need some tender loving care.


I leave for the African lectureships in a couple of hours. I will meet Mike Knappier at the Johannesburg airport. He will accompany me. Then we will head for Namibia and onto all offices. The African Lectureship is well attended. You can get up to 4000 attending over this weekend. I love going because I get to see so many black brethren I have not seen for so long. Then there are the many souls we have converted over the years and you see some of them and that really motivates me. Our goal at Gospel Chariot Missions is to get Africans to evangelize Africa. That means putting this work into the hands of key leaders in Africa. This way it will continue after one’s departure. We are doing an outstanding job in this regard. I have always believed in networking. I have a saying :we are not a ministry who wants to compete with other ministries, but a ministry who wants to complement other ministries. That’s what makes us so effective. Team work is dream work. At times we have to work so hard in areas where we are pioneers doing it all ourselves. Other times we are working in areas where the Church of Christ is established. When that is the case, we network using local brethren. Next report I will try give you a map of Southern Africa and the areas we cover. This is truly a ministry reaching far and wide. TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS. BIG THANK YOU.


Chariot Travels into Africa………………………………………………………$10,000.00

Printing Costs…………………………………………………………………….$10,000.00

Short Term School Buildings………………………………………………….$10,000.00

Thank you once again.

Brother George Funk