New Zealand


pdfJune 2011 New Zealand Report

New Zealand Campaigns for Christ

Rod and Gaye Kyle

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Upcoming New Zealand Capaign

Brother Kyle, a native New Zealander, has been preaching since 1968. The need to win souls and to ground them in the sound words of Scripture is especially great in New Zealand where the Lord’s people are few in number.

Rod is working with the New Plymouth congregation now and plans to continue working there until they are scripturally organized with an eldership, and are self-supporting.

Rod began working in the Solomon Islands in 2010. He has been successful in this area, but, there is still much to do. Rod is now beginning to work in an unevangelized area of the North Island of New Zealand ( a region with over 100,000 souls). He is beginning this work with a new brother in Christ. As part of his work, he is collecting reading glasses and sending literature to help in the studying of God’s work. He is also distributing song books. He now has someone with good computer skills that can do computer training to assist him with communication and preparing for visits to other areas.

Rod and Gaye Kyle, 184 Hendersons Line, Palmerston North, N.Z. 4470