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Report from George Funk June 2008, July 2008, Dec. 2009 Emails

George Funk & Ria Funk, Gospel Chariot Missionaries


Brother Funk has been a fulltime missionary since 1994. He was baptized into Christ in 1984. He and his wife, Ria, are native South Africans and have four children. They have recently relocated from the Johannesburg, South Africa area to the Western Cape

Since 1994 over 10,000 souls have been baptized and 100 Churches started. In their evangelistic efforts they use big trucks called Gospel Chariots that are churches on wheels. These “Gospel Chariots” travel into different countries holding gospel meetings. They work closely with World Bible School teachers contacting students that express a desire to be baptized or wish to study further. Bible Schools have been established to train preachers to continue the work in the areas initiated by the Gospel Chariot. 2008 was a great year as the Gospel Chariot Missions have been able to assist 1000 souls in baptism. In 2009 almost 1000 souls were baptized.

2009 Report:

  1. The Chariots baptized hundreds as they preached the word in the different countries in the southern part of Africa.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of Bible lessons were distributed as well as some Bibles.
  3. New congregations were planted in 6 different areas.
  4. The Vhemba Bible School building was completed and 15 students attended the first semester.
  5. Follow up on WBS students and teaching at our short term schools.
  6. Many doors have opened from Cape to Tanzania. So many, that only through the power of God and networking through His children, could we ever reach them.

“A new survey shows that Africa has 1 Billion people now and that it is growing by 24 million people a year. They also estimate that it will double to 2 Billion people by 2050. This survey combined with the receptivity of Africa makes it a no brainer. We have to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Jesus says the fields are white unto harvest. The Bible also says the Love of Christ compels us. We have to do something about it. What makes it more urgent, is the advancement of the muslim faith, especially in the north of Africa. It also gets me excited, because I love seeing God work through setting evangelistic goals.” – George Funk

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