World Bible School

The mission: to share the Good News of Jesus with the world by motivating and equipping everyday Christians to use inter-active Bible studies effectively. Here at New Road, WBS teachers are taking the Gospel into all the world. You can, too!

With WBS, everyday Christians of all ages share the blessings of the Bible using interactive Bible courses. They’re like “pen-pals” who mail printed lessons or exchange email lessons. Or they’re online friends who connect with students of Web courses. Thousands of people, just like you, personally help individuals around the world (and right here in Waco) who are seeking answers…who are curious about the Bible…who want to know God…who need hope. WBS teachers send encouraging notes with Bible lessons, answer questions, build faith, pray, and help real people know Jesus and respond to the Gospel.

With the addition of WBS Connect, we can now reach many more souls with the use of technology and the internet.

We can also provide financial help for the Christian men in Malawi to travel throughout their country and perform baptisms. Malawi is the most successful country we have for World Bible School.

1.5 million students, in every nation on earth,
with one new enrollee every thirty seconds.
18,000 request baptism each year.

For every $1.00 given to WBS, one soul studies the Bible.
(WBS is one of the most proven, cost effective means of equipping Christians to fulfill the Great Commission)


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There are about 15 members signed up to do World Bible School via the internet. There is a donation requested to help maintain the internet services that WBS provides. Normally the cost is about $10 per month but since we are enrolling a group the cost has been cut to about $7 per month. If you want to help with this expense you may put money in the mission envelope and mark WBS as the mission.

World Bible School’s international headquarters is in Cedar Park, Texas, US. The Internet office and servers are located in Abilene, Texas. Most of the WBS Internet staff and support team work remotely from around the globe. They utilize Internet technologies to function as a team to serve you and more than 90,000 students who enroll via the web each year.