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  • The Faith Promise Offering is not a clever gimmick of men. The principles of faith, even promising to give, are set forth in II Corinthians 8 and 9. While the giving in II Cor. 8 and 9 was benevolent, there were missionary implications (10:15-16). The Macedonian believers supported Paul in his missionary work (Philippians 4:15).
  • The Faith Promise Offering commitment is for one year. (Thus we see the necessity for updating it yearly. This is done at the time of a Faith Promise Conference
  • The Faith Promise Offering is over and above regular giving and contributions to the local church
  • The Faith Promise Offering is not a pledge. A pledge is a legal, binding agreement, such as is signed with any credit purchase.
  • The Faith Promise Offering is between you and the Lord. You are never asked for it.
  • The Faith Promise Offering depends, not on your ability to give, but on your faith in God to provide the means to give. In II Cor. 8:3, the Macedonian believers were willing to give, not only what they could afford, but also what they could not. They had to trust the Lord for the supply of their needs.
  • The Faith Promise Offering is motivated by our love for the Lord. (II Cor. 8:8)
  • Making a promise or vow is actually encouraged in Psalm 76:11: “Make vows to the Lord your God and fulfill them; let all the neighboring lands bring gifts to the One to be feared.”
  • Note Paul’s references to the Corinthians’ commitment “a year ago” (II Cor. 8:10, 9:2)
  • God not only encourages us to give; but He supplies the gifts (II Cor. 9:8-10)
  • God will give through us, what often He will not give to us.